Optimizing Youtube Videos Can Get You Traffic


Optimizing Youtube Videos Can Be Easy:

Millions of videos get created but never get found by their target market. One of the biggest reasons that companies don’t get found by their market is that they don’t understand the secret behind optimizing Youtube videos. This article will give you the insider tips on optimizing your videos for youtube.

Companies spend 1000’s of dollars on creating high quality videos but when they put them on Youtube nobody ever sees them because the only videos that will appear are the ones from business that are optimizing Youtube videos.

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Recently I saw a dentist spend four thousand dollars on a video that was filmed well and looked great, but the entire video was worthless.

The first mistake that the dentist made was that the video was all about the dentist. He talked about how great he was, how long he’s been in business, how much money he spent on his lobby and his granite floors. So what he did was spend four grand on a video so that he could tell his golf buddies that he has a video on youtube.

The second mistake is that he didn’t optimize the video for any keywords. So when someone types a keyword into Google, it’s algorithm goes looking those that are Optimizing Youtube Videos and not the ones that are self indulgent and egotistical.

Thirty two percent of all internet traffic is on Youtube right now. That’s one out of every three of your customers is watching optimized videos on Youtube. So in order for you to get in front of them, you must understand the strategies of optimizing Youtube videos correctly.

Steps To Optimizing Youtube Videos

Step 1
Start with a keyword:

Before you create a video, find out what your market is typing into Youtube. Otimizing Youtube videos will help you build the content that will get you found by your market.

Step 2
Build Content that is keyword related:

Make sure that the information you’re giving and content you’re creating is valuable to the person that is typing the keywords in.

Step 3
Optimize Your Youtube Video:

Make sure the keyword is in the title. Make sure that the keyword is in the description and tags. And just any keywords, but the exact keywords, in the exact order that your trying to rank for.

Insider Tip: There’s no way of doing a Youtube keyword search, but all you have to do it type a word into the search bar of Youtube and it will bring up the most relevant keyword searches. Use these keywords as a starting point in optimizing Youtube videos for you’re company.
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Posted on April 7, 2011 in Online Marketing, Social Media

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